What Is The Best Cure For Lower Back Pain…Top Tips

Are you suffering from agonizing back pain, and can’t believe the way it has affected your life? You could still be confined to bed, or if you are lucky enough to have recovered, you are more than likely feeling the after-effects of the unbearable pain. It’s easy for others to flippantly comment when talking to … Read more

Best Heat Treatment For Back Pain

How Does Heat Therapy Help With Back Pain? You’ve reached a point when you don’t know what to do to ease the pain in your back. You’ve tried stretching, sitting, standing, laying down, and holding the base of your back as if that would help. You’ve cried out in pain, taken deep breaths, and reached … Read more

Best Chair For After Back Surgery

  So, you’ve reached the point when the surgery on your back has been completed. The chances are you will have spent some time in a hospital, followed by sessions of physiotherapy, and slowly and carefully learned to walk again. The pain you endured was mainly physical, but the stress on your overall health will … Read more

Best Kneeling Chair With Back Support

What Is A Kneeling Chair? Following surgery on my back, I recall seeing a physiotherapist for many grueling sessions. She was something of a taskmaster and made me do exercises that I didn’t want to do. But she wouldn’t let up (thankfully!) and eventually, she had me doing things that I didn’t think I would … Read more

Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain Under $300

As more and more people are working from home in the 21st century (either by choice or not!) the selection of buying a comfortable office chair has become a serious topic. After all, if you are employed by a company and work in their offices, they are required to provide you with a suitable chair. … Read more

Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain

As with all types of chairs, massage chairs come in various shapes and sizes, not to mention differing price tags. What I do know from personal experience is that once you have bought one, you’ll wonder why you never took the step earlier. So what exactly are the benefits? Reduction In Pain For centuries a … Read more

Best Chairs For Lower Back Pain At Home

Why Do You Need A Special Chair? It may sound like an obvious question because if you’re suffering from back pain you need all the help you can get. After all, you spend a lot of time in your sitting room, so you need to ensure you choose the right chair for you. So think … Read more

Best Tens Machine For Lower Back Pain

Myths And Reality Many people have heard of Tens machines but many fail to understand how they work. I certainly didn’t know when it was first suggested to me that I should try one. There are a lot of Chinese Whispers as to whether they work or not and as a result, many false rumors … Read more

Best Mobility Aids For Back Pain

Why Do Back Pain Sufferers Need Help? Unless someone suffers from extreme back pain, they have no comprehension of the need to think before they can carry out even the simplest of everyday tasks. Things that most people take for granted…like popping to the toilet, taking a bath or shower, putting on socks or tights, … Read more

How To Treat Severe Back Pain

When You Are At Your Wits End… Those of us that have reached a stage of nearly giving up, and are thinking that we will never lead a normal life, will try anything to relieve the debilitating effects of suffering from a bad back. There are no simple words to describe the agony and side … Read more

Alternative Pain Management For Back Pain

The Power Of Alternative Treatments There could be a number of reasons why you have decided to research Alternative Pain Management for your back. Perhaps you have been down the traditional medical route but still cannot rid yourself of constant pain. Or it could be that you don’t trust doctors and surgeons. Maybe you have … Read more