When you are suffering from extreme back pain, there is never a good time of day for most of us. No matter what we do, we are constantly reminded of our problems.

If you drive a car you cannot sit comfortably, and on occasions, it feels as if we are unable to use our legs to control the pedals.

If you work in an office, it is almost impossible to get comfortable in your chair. Even if you occasionally get up to walk around, the effort of actually standing up can cause excruciating pain. Sometimes you feel that it is easier to remain seated and suffer in silence.

If you decide to go out for a walk, the effort of actually placing one foot in front of the other can seem like a monumental task. On occasions, you feel as if you are losing balance which in turn causes mental anguish. After all, back pain strikes people of all ages, and you can’t help but wonder what the remainder of your life holds in store if you can’t do the simple tasks.

If you play sport, there’s a good chance that your competitive days are in the past. You reach a stage where you can’t see the point of trying to be the best if all your efforts end in agony.

There are many more examples of how everyday life can be affected, and so it comes as no surprise that many people look forward to going to bed at the end of the day. But then the problems suddenly get worse!

You’ve carefully removed your clothes (or more than likely needed someone to help you do this normally easy task). You then sat on the edge of the bed and slowly swung your legs together up onto the mattress. I say swing both legs together because if you try to raise each leg individually, there’s a strong possibility that you can cause further discomfort and possible damage to your lower back.

Eventually, you shuffle into a position that you think is comfortable and ease yourself down for what you hope is going to be a good night’s sleep. But your back has different plans!

There are a number of myths about the best sleeping position. If you find you can roll onto your stomach, this sometimes gives temporary relief. But you will be doing yourself no favours. This is because you will be increasing the arch in your lower back which in itself causes pain. If the source of your pain is in your lumbar region, then you really need to stop sleeping on your stomach as the problems with your discs will get worse. If you absolutely can’t sleep in any other position, then it may be beneficial to place pillows under your knees and hips which will ease the pressure on your spine.

Sleeping on your side can also cause hip pain, and again it is wise to place a pillow between your knees.

I have found that by far the best position for me (and by talking to other sufferers) is to sleep on my back. This tends to allow your spine to maintain its natural curvature.

Sleeping positions that don’t alter the natural curvature of the spine are ideal for those with lumbar pain. Sleeping on your side can help reduce herniated disc pain, but it’s not regarded as the best option (although placing a pillow between your knees can help relieve the hip pain that can result from this sleeping position). Sleeping on your back is always the best option for maintaining your spine’s natural curvature. You might still experience pain but you won’t be further damaging the disc by sleeping in an awkward position. Furthermore, you can modify this sleeping position by placing pillows under your knees or lower back.

I can only speak from personal experience and have found that if you search, there are some excellent aids to help you through what is, without doubt, one of the most debilitating conditions known to mankind.

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But more importantly, if you are serious about relieving your back pain (and by the fact that you are reading this post, I assume you are) you cannot afford to ignore this advice. I’ve been there, suffered the pain that you are experiencing, and found ways to live a near-normal life. But it takes willpower and back aids to get you there. Click here for an easier life: Amazon.com









  1. I think we all know how hideous back pain can be and seriously diabolical when you have to get things done. My son in law has a terrible time with his back. It really impacts his ability to work on a regular basis. I’ll definitely pass on your tip about sleeping on his back. It certainly makes a lot of sense! Excellent Read!


    • Thank you for your kind comments, Shelley. And best wishes to your son-in-law…let’s hope it works for him. Regards, Michael


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