What Is The Cause Of Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be brought on suddenly or over a period of time. There is no specific reason why this happens, but can be attributed to any number of reasons, including:

  • It could be you have injured yourself in an accident.
  • Maybe you have a long-term problem with your back.
  • It could be you have a muscular problem.
  • You may have a trapped nerve.
  • Bad posture doesn’t help.
  • As you get older, wear and tear of the discs between your vertebrae can affect your neck.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to concentrate on the problems associated with your back. There’s a good chance that no matter what is causing your neck pain, by delving into your lifestyle, we will uncover a few home truths.

One major area that needs looking into is your sleeping habits. Most of us sleep between 6 and 9 hours per day, which is a frighteningly high percentage of our time on earth. When we are awake, we mainly try to look after ourselves by consciously avoiding movements that may endanger our health. But when we are asleep, many of us have no idea of the damage we may be causing just by following the same routine night after night. Simple things like considering the position you sleep in, and the type of pillow you use can help with neck pain.

Sleeping on your stomach is not the favored position of the majority. It’s true that it can reduce snoring and help with sleep apnea, but it also puts additional pressure on your back and neck.   This is because you will be increasing the arch in your lower back which in itself causes pain. If the source of your pain is in your lumbar region,  then you really need to stop sleeping on your stomach as the problems with your discs will get worse. As already seen, a disc problem causes extreme pain and discomfort which can lead to tension headaches and neck pain.

If you absolutely can’t sleep in any other position, then it may be beneficial to place pillows under your knees and hips which will ease the pressure on your spine. It’s certainly very unwise to sleep in this position if you are pregnant.

So having seen the advantages and disadvantages of adopting different sleeping positions, it becomes clear that your neck is always vulnerable.

How Can We Help Ourselves?

Well, one of the best tips is to choose the right pillow or pillows. Having tried numerous pillows over my lifetime, I have come to realize that you really need to approach a high-quality specialist manufacturer to advise and help you.

In the past, I have bought pillows from all sorts of suppliers, but their products tend to be “one size fits all”. And as you probably know from experience, this simply doesn’t work.

I have purchased pillows that claim to help neck pain, only to find they increased the pain. I have tried pillows with various fillings, even trying the organic route on one occasion, all to no avail.

I have read all the sales hype from dozens of companies, all claiming to be revolutionary in the industry.


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