Heat Treatment For Back Pain

Heat Treatment For Back Pain

You’ve reached a point when you don’t know what to do to ease the pain in your back. You’ve tried stretching, sitting, standing, laying down, and holding the base of your back as if that would help. You’ve cried out in pain, taken deep breaths, and reached the point of swearing out loud. And yet it seems that nothing or nobody can help you.

The chances are that you may need medical advice, but you need help now, not in a few weeks’ time. And then you recall that someone once told you that heat treatment was a life-saver. Personally, I wouldn’t go so far as to refer to it in those terms, but what I do know is that heat treatment can certainly bring fairly fast relief.

The reason for this is that the application of heat to the affected area causes the blood vessels to open. This, in turn, means more blood can flow to the area that is causing you so much distress. This helps to heal the damaged tissues and will ease the unbearable pain that comes from back spasms.

What are the best heat treatment for back pain?

There was a time when the only solution was to use a hot water bottle. There’s nothing wrong with still using this method, but extreme care is needed. You should never apply the bottle to your bare skin for fairly obvious reasons. There is a good chance that this will cause your skin to burn or scald, which is not the object of the exercise! At the very least, you should place a towel between the bottle and your skin. In addition, it’s a good idea to check regularly to ensure you are not reacting badly to the heat. And, of course, there are also the added worries that, apart from being uncomfortable, the bottle may burst from the pressure of your weight.

Like most things in life, there are now alternatives that, for the most part, are more effective and safer.

Heating Pads

Heat pads are one of the most reliable aids for relieving sore muscles and cramps. There are numerous options on the market but beware of some of the models that have small pads or are made from flimsy material. They may work for a short period of time, but remember that you are going to be wearing them. That alone should make you realize that your natural body movement will apply pressure to the key areas. You don’t need to be having a really bad spasm only to find your pad has broken!

Some pads only have one heat setting…on or off! So again, it is well worth investigating those that have variable temperature controls. Apart from the added comfort, you can also adjust the temperature to suit your needs.

From personal experience, I would recommend any of the following:

Electric Heating pad for Back Pain

  • Relief Pain & Relax Muscles
  • 6 Heat Settings & Auto-Off
  • Super-Soft Fabric & Machine Washable
  • Moist & Dry Heat Options

Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramp Relief

  • Magic Pain Relief on Sore Muscles
  • Ultra Soft &Consistent Heat
  • 6 Heat Settings
  • Assured Safety
  • Easy Care and Storage

Heat Creams

Heat creams are great at bringing temporary relief to your pain. Deep heat creams don’t actually heat up your body despite the name. The chemicals and natural ingredients within the various brands actually fool your brain into thinking the affected area is “hot” once applied.

However, this is sufficient for your pain to be eased, but don’t expect the cream to penetrate as deep into your muscles as heat pads do. But if you need almost immediate relief from pain, then a cream could be the answer to your prayers.

Mentholatum Lidocaine Heat Pain Relieving Gel

  • Unique heating agent
  • Fast acting pain relief for back
  • Non-greasy formula for easy application

Hempvana Ultra-Strength Deep Heat

  • heat treatment for lower back pain
  • FDA-listed Active Ingredient
  • Non-Greasy and easy to absorb

Wheat Bags

Wheat bags are a real alternative to heat pads. They are normally made from cotton, then filled with natural wheat or rice. They can then be placed in your microwave oven (see individual manufacturers’ guides for times) and can be used over and over again.

Once the bag is placed over the affected area of pain, the contents of the bag settle to follow the natural contours of your body. This means that they find a natural “home” once settled and start to transmit the heat immediately.

Although the bags can be heated quickly, the release of heat is slow, meaning you don’t constantly have to adjust the heat settings. The following recommendations are based on customer feedback for reliability and effectiveness.

REVIX Extra Large Microwave Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief

  • Easy to secure, adjust, and flexible
  • Long-lasting Heat Pad 
  • Enjoy Heat & Cold Therapy
  • Relief Whenever and Wherever You Need

Microwavable Extra Large Heating Wrap for Lower Back Pain

  • Proven Natural Moist Heat therapy
  • Sectioned chambers & long-lasting heat
  • Extremely luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing
  • Ideal for post-surgery recovery

It could be that you are currently suffering and need one of these products as soon as possible. Or perhaps you are one of the millions of people worldwide who have severe back pain at regular intervals. Or maybe you have overcome your back problems for now, but will always remember the agony that you went through. You are aware that the pain could strike again at any time.

Some people think they are “brave” when it comes to pain. But what they don’t consider is the knock-on effect on friends and family. They have to suffer in silence. And so if you are one of those friends or members of the family, it may make sense to take positive action now. These are great gift ideas and will be appreciated for years to come.

Whatever your circumstances, it makes sense to have one of these products on standby…you will never regret it!

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