There Is Nothing Quite Like The Comfort Of A Good Shoe

When you suffer from severe lower back pain, you will do almost anything to ease it. Every action that you take seems to send signals throughout your body that tells you that you are being stabbed by a red hot poker. That’s a simple but unfortunately true statement.

Even when you carry out what were once simple day-to-day tasks, you will be asking yourself what you can do to help yourself. As discussed in various posts on this site, there are lots of ways to help with sleeping and sitting, along with the benefits of physiotherapy and acupuncture. But one area that is often overlooked is the effect that your shoes have on your posture.

If you already own a half-decent pair or a few pairs of shoes, you may still find that your back is affected when you are walking. One simple way of upgrading is to insert insoles into them. And of course, these are completely interchangeable, so there’s no need to purchase new insoles for every pair of shoes that you own.

Let me make it clear that insoles are not going to be a miracle cure for your bad back. However, they will help you with your posture and will act as shock absorbers when walking. I have found them to be one of the cheapest and most effective non-invasive aids that I have ever purchased.

There are various types of insoles available and so it is important to choose carefully. They are generally referred to as orthotic, athletic, and comfort soles.

  • Orthotic insoles help to support your feet and reduce strain on your feet and legs. This in turn can ease pain in your knees, hips, and back.
  • Athletic insoles are generally suitable for people who have an active lifestyle and give extra protection against jarring when walking.
  • Comfort insoles provide extra padding and support which can make them an ideal addition to help support and ease the pain.

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New Shoes

But for many of us, we need more than a good insole. A decent pair of shoes is a must for those suffering from degenerative disc disease.

In simple terms, this condition is what can cause extreme discomfort in both your back and legs. Your discs act as shock absorbers and when these become damaged, they can bulge out which is what creates extreme pain. Only sufferers of this condition can understand the debilitating knock-on effect that this has on your life.

This is why good supportive shoes are something you should seriously consider investing in. A decent shoe will absorb impact pressure while you are walking.

Advice when walking

Having bought your shoes, it really is worthwhile thinking before embarking on a ten-mile hike, he says tongue in cheek!

But seriously, approach walking slowly and considerately. By which I mean think of your back before overdoing things.

  • Double-check that your shoes really are comfortable.
  • Consider small, gentle walks to start off…perhaps just around your neighborhood. I know that when I was plucking up the courage to venture out after months of suffering, I felt safer being in the vicinity where people knew me.
  • As you build up confidence, try taking a trip to your local park. This will be a real milestone.
  • If you need a walking stick or a mobility aid, then use it. Do not let vanity stand in the way of you literally getting back on your feet.

Whatever brand of shoe and price range that you are looking at, think before you buy. For example:

  • Don’t buy shoes with high heels.
  • Do look for shoes with good arch support.
  • Make sure the shoe fits you. I know you would do this anyway under normal circumstances, but really make sure nothing is rubbing or pinching your feet.
  • Experience has taught me that shoes made from breathable materials (such as leather or mesh) are by far the best choice.

I have searched many sites, all of which claim to have the correct solution for you, but they are of course somewhat biased.

Personally, I’m a great believer in the power of  Amazon which allows you to browse a wide selection of manufacturers and goods so that you can make choices to suit you and your budget. Click here to discover the amazing range of walking shoes that will solve your problem:


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