What Stage Of Back Pain Have You Reached?

That may sound like a strange question, but thousands of sufferers know exactly what I mean. For example,

  • You may only be getting the occasional twinge that is sharp enough to take your breath away.
  • You may ache after a long drive in the car.
  • You may no longer be able to bend while attempting to carry out weeding and gardening.
  • You can no longer lift your children/grandchildren up and swing them around.
  • You are stiff every time you get out of your office chair.
  • You are constantly shifting your body position when watching television.

Or it could be…

  • You can hardly walk without extreme pain.
  • You can’t use the bathroom without gripping onto something solid.
  • You can’t get into or out of bed without thinking about every movement you are making.
  • You find that your leg or legs go numb regularly.
  • Your back feels as if it is on fire.
  • You are at your wit’s end.

And so you can see that when I asked what stage you are at, there’s a multitude of answers. Maybe you recognize yourself as falling into one or more of those categories, and if so, what can you do?

People often ask…

  • How do you deal with unbearable back pain?
  • How do I get help for back pain?
  • What is the best medicine for back pain?
  • How can I get rid of back pain without surgery?
  • Are there any non-surgical treatments for chronic back pain?

As a chronic back pain sufferer myself, I have been through all the emotional stress that comes with the condition. After a really nasty sporting injury, I know exactly what it’s like.

You start off thinking that it will be ok, because this sort of thing doesn’t happen to you, does it? It’s always other people who have the problems…you see them around town all the time.

And yet the pain slowly gets worse and so you adapt your life to cope with the pain. You know the sort of things I’m talking about.

  • You feel slightly tilted when you walk, and so you consciously adapt your body position to compensate for that.
  • You find yourself placing your hands at the base of your back, just above your buttocks, and gently rubbing the area.
  • You find that you need a cushion behind your lower back to give your more comfort when sitting for a while.
  • You say “I’m fine, thanks” when friends and family ask if you’re ok, even though you’re not.
  • You used to play sport (even at a very basic level) and now find that you can’t. You are always having to make excuses as to why you can’t join in with the others.
  • You start to worry about what sort of future lies in front of you, both family and work-related.

Having been there, I know that these and many more thoughts rule your life every single day. And then the day comes when you suddenly admit to yourself that you need help. In my case, I started seeing an osteopath, followed by a chiropractor, and then one day a friend even referred me to a faith healer! Although I experienced some temporary relief with their treatments, that’s exactly what it was…temporary.

I was slowly experiencing more and more restrictions on what I could and couldn’t do. Even a simple thing like sneezing would have me doubled up in pain. And as for tying shoelaces, forget it!

Finally, I went to see a specialist at the hospital and he gave me the really bad news that I needed surgery. This was some years ago, and as a relatively young man, I was devastated. I asked him if there was any way I could be treated without having to go through what was, and still is, a fairly dangerous procedure. After all, he made it clear that if things didn’t go to plan, then I could spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair.

Unfortunately, the answer wasn’t what I wanted to hear, and having reached the stage where I could hardly walk anyway, I decided to go ahead.

Thirty years later, I can look back on what at the time was a harrowing experience. The first operation was a failure and the second was partially successful. Then came the epidurals, the acupuncture, and physiotherapy treatments, all of which were painful and time-consuming. I had so many appointments that I lost count! Believe me when I say that you really don’t want to go through that unless you have explored every other avenue.

This brings me around to one of the most frequently asked questions as already referred to above, which is:

Are there any non-surgical treatments for chronic back pain and spasms?

According to the surgeons who treated me, there weren’t. And as I said, that was thirty years ago. But like in so many areas in life, new discoveries are found almost daily. Out of interest, I have been researching this subject and it appears that things are changing.

There are plenty of so-called cures, most of which seem to have been dreamed up by non-professional people. Maybe they mean well, or perhaps they have an ulterior motive…I’ll leave you to decide on that!

And so when I came across a series of exercises that had been developed by Dr. Steve Young who claims to have helped thousands of people relieve back pain without medication or surgery, I needed to know more.

Currently, Dr. Young operates his own private medical practice and is qualified with a Ph.D. in joint pain. His research has found that by targeting the release of pressure points, he has success after success. Being based in Philadelphia it is clear that the millions of worldwide bad back sufferers will never be able to meet, let alone receive treatment from him. And so he has produced a series of easy-to-follow self-help videos (all immediately downloadable to your computer/tablet/mobile). Dr. Young claims that you will experience relief from back pain within 30 days of starting to follow his advice. The positive testimonials that have been posted speak for themselves, and you can view them at The Back Pain Breakthrough

The great thing is that if this method doesn’t work for you, then Dr.Young will refund any costs to you, no questions asked. If you would like to know more about his program then simply click on the link below. It won’t cost you a penny to take a look, and it may just save you years of pain.

Remember, click here for lots more information: The Back Pain Breakthrough


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