Best Mobility Aids For Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, then it is important to take care of your back. Taking the necessary precautions and selecting suitable mobility aids can help us live a healthy and pain-free life.  now you may be thinking about how to select the best mobility aids for back pain. Don’t worry. I’m here to help you!

In this article, I have compiled a list of the best mobility aids for back pain that are affordable and easy to use. These mobility aids help to improve back pain and keep it under control.

Why Do Back Pain Sufferers Need Help?

Unless someone suffers from extreme back pain, they have no comprehension of the need to think before they can carry out even the simplest of everyday tasks. Things that most people take for granted…like popping to the toilet, taking a bath or shower, putting on socks or tights, getting in and out of bed, climbing stairs, sitting for long periods watching the TV, working at a desk, driving a car…in fact the list is endless. You need assistance for almost everything you do!

So if we agree that the list above only touches the tip of the problem, let’s see what is available to help us.

Best Mobility Aids For Back Pain

Best Mobility Aids For Back Pain

Back Braces

Having suffered a really bad sports injury many years ago, I tried all types of remedies…some good, some ok, and some useless. But the one aid that really helped me was a back brace, which I had for years when I first suffered. However, I have updated my choice of manufacturer, and I wouldn’t be without one.

As with most things in life, designs and materials evolve, and within the past three years, one company has really impressed me…OrthoRelieve.

Not only is it their mission to design and supply braces that will bring you maximum comfort, but their range allows you to purchase goods to suit your budget.

So if you’re looking for a brace that will give you almost instant relief and will be a lifelong friend, take a look at OrthoRelieve

Whether you’re gardening, cooking, painting, decorating, walking, or driving, this is the product for you. In fact, I wouldn’t be without one while carrying out nearly every activity that I can think of.

So click here for your first step towards pain freedom:


Best Back Braces for severe lower back pain

Lumbar Supports

These effective aids were also “life savers” on my road to recovery. You see, until you have a bad back, you take sitting down for granted. But once your back has been damaged, even this simple task can be excruciating.  It really doesn’t matter if you’re watching TV, sitting at a table trying to enjoy a meal, driving a car, working at a desk, sitting in a waiting room, or watching a football match…in fact anything you can think of that involves seats and seating arrangements are a potential hazard. One of the best ways to support your back during those stressful times is to use a portable lumbar back support.

Most lumbar back supports are shaped so as to ensure that your back is in correct alignment when seated. We all have a natural tendency to slump down or to bend forward when we are carrying out any task that requires us to sit. You may start off sitting correctly, but over a period of time, you unknowingly slip into bad habits which can aggravate the discs in the bottom of your back.

Many chairs and seats have built-in lumbar cushions which can be great. But many don’t, so it’s my advice to take a portable cushion with you at all times. Nobody minds you taking one into a restaurant, the cinema, your office, a theatre, or anywhere else. In fact, most people will look at you and silently wish they had thought of bringing one for themselves!

Like most things in life, there are a variety of products available that vary in price and quality. My advice is to look for best-selling supports, three of which are shown below. When thousands of people give 5-star reviews, then you know you are in the right place. Click on the images for more information:

Qutool Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair

  • Washable Cover
  • Back Pain Relief
  • 100% Memory Foam
  • Heat responsive technology
  • Suitable for all seasons

RELAX SUPPORT Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair

  • Lightweight
  • Fits any chair or seat
  • Breathable and removable cushion

Bed Wedge Pillows

So you’ve struggled through the day, thought about every move you’ve made, put up with the pain, and now you are ready for bed. You feel mentally and physically drained, which is fine, apart from the fact that you’re not looking forward to sleeping. And the reason is that you know you are in for a restless night.

Every time you toss and turn, there’s a good chance that you’ll wake up because of the pain!

It’s well-recorded that the best position to sleep in when suffering from a painful back is to lay flat on your back. But this is very uncomfortable for many people, so a wedge pillow can give elevation and relieve the pressure.

But the wedge pillow doesn’t have to be used only when you’re in bed. Being portable, you can use it when lying on the settee, or flat on the floor. In addition, if you enjoy using your laptop while lying horizontally, then a wedge will give you an ideal position to rest it on your legs while working.

Wedge pillows are becoming more and more popular as people realize the benefits they can bring. A simple click on one or all of these suggestions will explain the benefits in detail:

Lisenwood Foam Bed Wedge Pillow Set

  • Washable cover
  • Breathable inner case
  • Separate Sit Up Pillows for Bed
  • Healthy sleep, pain relief & relax
  • Lifetime warranty & 100% refund

Kӧlbs Flat Top Bed Wedge Pillow

  • Wide and comfortable
  • Stylish Chic Jacquard Cover
  • Relieve back and knee pain
  • Relaxing full night’s sleep
  • Ideal for Post Surgery Recovery

Toilet Assistance

Ok, so this subject may not be the best article to read if you are currently enjoying a leisurely breakfast or nutritious meal. But it’s something that every back sufferer needs to consider and understand. How can you use the toilet in safety and relative comfort?

Chances are you have already encountered the problems associated with this everyday function that we’ve all taken for granted in the past.

It really depends upon your personal circumstance as to what suggestions would suit you best. For example, if you live alone then you need appliances that you can handle yourself. Whereas if you have a wife/husband/partner/carer who looks out for you, then maybe they can help you to cope.

But I know only too well from personal experience that this subject can be awkward to discuss with others. And so that is why I am not going to go into great detail about this subject…it’s personal and for you to approach it in your own way.

But what I do know is that some of these things make life so much easier if you consider them:



There are numerous aids to be found on the internet and if I were to list them all, you would correctly think I was a bit over the top! However, there are 3 things that I have found to be invaluable, and they are articles that you wouldn’t immediately think of. They all assist you to cope or come to terms with your restrictions.

The first is a Stand Assist, which does exactly what its name implies. Once you have managed to get a degree of comfort in an armchair, settee, or just a plain old wooden chair, you are then faced with the problem of levering yourself back upright when the need occurs. I found this to be one of the best purchases that I made.

The second is a Sock Aid which helps you to put on a pair of socks. A simple idea, but one that saves hours of frustration and bad language!

And the third is a mobile outdoor step. You see, even the simplest of tasks like lifting your leg to enter a house or building can be so painful if there is a step to be negotiated. This clever piece of kit will help you to gain confidence and encourage you to master your fear of tripping. Here’s to a better and safer life…


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  1. I’ve struggled with back pain for well over a decade now. I’ve tried so many natural remedies to ease that pain, but nothing has really been a successful method. I have tried wedge pillows before, still have one, and it has been one of the best purchases I’ve done to help me ease the pain. It’s a temporary relief, but it’s still an amazing sensation to not feel that throbbing pain while sleeping.

    • Thanks for your positive feedback Stephanie. I agree that wedge pillows are not a cure for a bad back, but from personal experience, I am with you about easing the pain.

  2. Hi Michael

    I wanted to add one point that the chair with lumber support is called an ergonomic chair. This chair is comfortable for the spinal cord and has more flexibility.

    Thanks for recommending the products which are helpful for people having back pain. I get back pain only if I sit long hours, ergonomic chairs are better if you sit long hours. They provide some relief.

    Sujith 🙂 

    • Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you about ergonomic chairs, but these are not always available when needed. Hence the reason for recommending a portable support cushion.

  3. I had back pain about 4 decades back.. No can realize how terrible it feels unless they themselves suffer from it. I don’t wish it for anybody. 
    it happened because of studying day and night for my school finals without recognizing the  Consequences.

    My backbone bent exactly mimicking the way I use to sleep and study from the x-ray.

    I was under traction for continuous 3 weeks Without getting up from the hospital bed followed by physical therapy  for months. I was not allowed to lift any weight, not to bend forward.  I use a belt given to me from the hospital. I used for few years.

    I was very young and skinny then. I followed Doctors advice to be careful not adding weight, I have been following the doctors advice since then. When I carry weight, I feel the pain. I sleep on a farm bed preferably not having any pillows or a thin one. I can’t sit on the floor .

    I never knew about these supports for the back pain. I will consider them. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your feedback Anusuya. As you say, once you have problems with your back, the knock-on effect can last for years. Supports have helped me to carry out tasks that were previously out of my comfort range.


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