Best Chairs For Lower Back Pain At Home

You can’t deny the fact that sitting all day in a chair can be very harmful to your health. Sitting for long periods of time causes a lot of stress on the spine, making it difficult to move around and causing lower back pain. But this pain can be relieved using the best chairs for lower back pain at home. 

There are many types of chairs on the market. But what is the best one to buy for lower back pain? In this guide, I have reviewed the best chairs for lower back pain at home for both men and women. These chairs will help you relieve your lower back pain and enjoy comfort all day long.

Why Do You Need A Special Chair?

It may sound like an obvious question because if you’re suffering from back pain, you need all the help you can get. After all, you spend a lot of time in your sitting room, so you must ensure you choose the right chair. So think about it for a moment. What do you need your chair to do?

Do you suffer from lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, or maybe a combination of all three? In addition, you may well have pain running down your legs which can sometimes affect your feet.

Are you mobile enough to sit and raise yourself out of a chair, or do you need assistance? If you need help with these things, you may need a chair that allows another person easy access to guide you up and down.

How mobile do you need your seat to be? Are you happy for it to be positioned in a favorite spot in your house, or should it have the flexibility to be moved occasionally or even regularly?

These are just some of the questions that you should be asking yourself before parting with your hard-earned cash. And so I hope you can see that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

Best Chairs For Lower Back Pain At Home

Ergonomic Chairs

Many of us have heard of this type of chair, and in many cases, this has become a modern “buzz” word used by salespeople to try to impress the customer. However, not everybody understands the meaning of the word.

In most cases and certainly, it’s the case with chairs, it means that the products have been designed so that people can use them safely and efficiently. It’s as simple as that!

The science of ergonomics has become an important factor in the workplace, where employers are constantly worried about health and safety rules. But there is no reason why the same measures shouldn’t be applied to the chairs that you propose to use in your home.

H1 Pro Ergonomic Chair

  • Best 3D lumbar support
  • 5D adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable height, armrests, headrest, backrest, and seat tilt
  • Breathable hybrid mesh
  • Up to 15 Years Warranty*
  • Easy to Assembly (4 steps in 5 minutes by 1 person)

Reclining Massage Chairs

The great thing about reclining massage chairs is the amount of freedom they offer you. Provided you are within a reasonable distance of an electric socket; you can operate them to suit your mood and adjust them to the level of comfort that you require. As all bad back sufferers know, the intensity of pain can vary from day to day. Therefore, these types of chairs must encompass several features to give you total control.

Features you should look for include:

  • The type of material the chair is made from.
  • Can the material be easily cleaned?
  • The angle of adjustment that is available.
  • Will the chair be comfortable enough for you to sit for a few minutes, or will it be perfect for you to watch TV for an extended period?
  • Does it have a foot extension for added comfort?
  • Is the chair durable and stable?
  • Is it easy to assemble? If you are having a really bad time with your back pain, you need to know that a friend, relative, or carer can quickly assemble it for you.
  • Does the chair come with a guarantee?

As with most items, a wide selection of massage recliner chairs are available on Amazon, and I have chosen a few for you to look at. As you can see, they come in various designs, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. The great thing is that they are immediately available, and you can be enjoying a new level of comfort within hours of clicking on an image

Best Chairs For Lower Back Pain At Home
SMUG Single Sofa Recliner Chair, Grey
  • Massage Mode
  • Comfortable Material
  • Back can be adjusted
  • Freely adjustable angle
  • Foot extension is available
Best Chairs For Lower Back Pain At Home
Nouhaus Massage Chair with Ottoman
  • Full Body Heating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Diamond Cut Stitching
  • Include a matching ottoman
  • Adjustable Hip-Massage Airbags

Recliner Chairs (Non-Massage)

Straight-forward recliner chairs are probably the most popular choice on the market. Not everyone requires a massage feature, and the choice is extensive. The features you should look for are exactly the same as those listed above for massage chairs, but always remember to position your chair close to an electric socket.

It’s also wise to remember that when your chair is in the reclined position, you need to ensure that sufficient space is available at the rear of the chair.

And finally, it’s well worth checking that your purchase can support your weight. In most cases, this doesn’t present a problem, but if you are a heavy person, then it’s best to read the small print.

Best Chairs For Lower Back Pain At Home
Homsof Black PU Multi-Function Recliner
  • Padded seat cushions
  • Reclines to 150 degrees
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for watching TV, sleeping & reading
ICE ARMOR Recliner Sofa Chair
  • Support up to 300 lbs
  • Overstuffed And Comfy
  • Built-In USB charger 
  • Durable And Sturdy Build
  • Versatile And Multi-Purpose
Valencia Tuscany Recliner
  • Luxurious Look
  • Leather on All Seating Surfaces
  • USB Port to Charge Your Devices
  • LED-Lit Cup Holder & Base Lighting
  • Power Recline, Headrest & Lumbar Support

Office Chairs (For Use In Your Living Room)

Don’t dismiss this idea before at least looking at what’s on offer. Earlier I alluded to the health and safety problems that all employers have to abide by. Consequently, an enormous amount of research has been carried out in recent years to ensure that the welfare of employees is paramount.

One of those areas that raise its head time and time again is office chairs. There was a time (not so long ago) when an office chair was a fairly basic piece of kit. It was functional and did the job!

But with that research have come some amazing designs and features that may suit your needs when relaxing in your sitting room. If an employee can find comfort for an 8-hour day in a specially designed chair, then it could be that you will find the same level of support while relaxing in your sitting room.

And remember that many office chairs come with wheels for easy maneuverability. This could be a perfect solution for many people who need to move from one position to another without asking others to help.             

LEAGOO Mid-Back Home Office Desk Chair
  • Strong metal base support
  • Readily adjustable and tiltable
  • Soft premium microfiber leather
  • non-slip natural rubber feet pad
Nouhaus Rewind Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Comfy space saving
  • Dynamic lumbar support
  • Silent satisfaction as an EV
  • Rotate for maximal support
  • Adjustable footrest, headrest & armrests

Whatever type of chair you finally settle on, my message from one bad back sufferer to another is that I wish you many hours of comfort and enjoyment.

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  1. Hi Michael, my partner and I are behind a computer all the time and suffer from lower back pain as a result. I loved the brief explanation and to the point info you gave me. The first image I saw drew me in…love it. I thought it was a great idea to request an email for the latest updates… loved all the articles you wrote – although, if I did not read to the end I would not have found your link to those informative articles… awesome job and thank you for sharing the info with us all.

    • Thanks, Marina…your constructive comments are most welcome. I will shortly be producing a post for office/computer chairs for your info. Regards, Michael


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