Hello, my name’s Michael and I am now semi-retired after a lifetime of traveling all over the UK and Europe. As a salesman, sales manager, and sales director, I was fortunate enough to meet hundreds of people and to learn about their lives, along with their hopes and wishes for the future.

One of the most common things that they told me when talking about later life was “I want to (whatever their goals were) but of course, that will be subject to keeping good health.”

During those conversations, I was staggered to learn just how many of them had bad backs and were concerned about the severe pain that they suffered.

As someone who has always had the same problem following a serious sporting injury, I was able to sympathize with them.

Why I launched this website.

As I mentioned above, I have suffered most of my adult life with back problems. After two major operations and three smaller procedures, I think I am more than qualified to know just how debilitating the pain and anguish can be. And so, it occurred to me that it was high time I passed on information about how I turned my life around.

How I aim to help you.

When you are having a really bad attack of back pain, you really don’t feel like doing a lot. The last thing you want to do when you’re bed-bound or laying on the floor is to think about how you should have spent time researching the market for products to help you!

And so that’s where I come into play.

I thought I would launch this website to help to share information about the various products I have used that worked for me and would pass that information on to others (including you!). I found that some of them literally changed my life.

I’ll also be providing reviews on various claims that some companies make, so you will know which places to avoid and which products can truly help.

So now that you know about me and the website, feel free to read my latest articles.

e: michael@unbearablebackpain.com